Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year Award

Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year


1995 Darren Coggan (A)
1996 Tina Martyn (A)
1997 Paul Sharplin (NZ)
1998 Nyree Klip (A)
1999 Brendon Walmsley (A)
2000 Kylie Sackley (A)
2001 Cameron Clayton (NZ)
2002 Megan Laurie (A)
2003 JamesRay Still (NZ)
2004 Samantha McClymont (A)
2005 Victoria Baillie (A)
2006 Briana-Lee (A)
2007 Kylie Austin (NZ)
2008 Annette Hawkins (NZ)
2009 Kristal Collins (A)
2010 Angela Easson (A)
2011 Melody Feder (A)
2012 Hayley Smith (NZ)
2013 Dan Cosgrove (NZ)
2014 Kylie-Anne Price (NZ)
2015 Tanya Cornish (A)
2016 Kelvin Cummings (NZ)
2017 Mason Hope (A) Current Champ

Awards are currently selected from Eastern Bay Country Music Award, Auckland Country Music Award, Tauranga Star Award, Gore Gold Guitar in New Zealand and from the Australian Side, Charters Towers, CCMA National talent Quest, Gympie Music Muster and Queensland Champion of Champs.

Four entrants from each Country and the Overall Senior Solo Performer is selected by Judges and awarded the prize to Norfolk Island to compete in the TTEOY.

* Due to the 25th birthday celebration in 2018, the Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year award will be on hold.